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Stuart Western Toys of the 1950s-60s

Welcome to the Stuart Western Toy Web site - originally, Those Elusive Stuarts. Links to the right access more pages. Stuart collectors and enthusiasts can now connect at Stuart Horse Lovers on Facebook, and at Stuart Western Toys at io groups (formerly vintagestuart at Yahoo).

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Knockoffs Page: Hong Kong solid-bodied Stuart knockoffs advertised as Stuarts. How to tell the difference.

Reproductions Page: Know what you are buying. Recasts made using Stuart items to make molds and more.

Stuart articles by Lizabeth West include:
The Stuart Story (shown below), issue 47 Sept.-Oct., featuring Stuart sets. Order at

Unravelling the Stuart Mystery (the first Stuart article), issue 68, may be obtained at Plastic Figure and Playset Collector Web site; also, issue 72, The Anchor Buggy and Carriage Company article, at

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